Top Tanzania Safaris Destinations

Tanzania Safari National parks it’s the core destination for wildlife & Nature Lovers who want to discover more about wildlife and its nature. Among many books and online channels has been writing and publishing about Tanzania attractions you can find out more in Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and other travel blogs.
Absolutely true that Northern Tanzania parks are fantastic – Serengeti offers thrilling Big Five safaris and The Great Migration, Tarangire is famous for its fascinating large groups of Elephants than no other park in east Africa, and Ngorongoro is counted to be green Eden where has been nominated to be The 8Th Natural Wonder of The World offering a lot of wild animals within same place in Crater. Lake Manyara, with its flocks of pink flamingos and the Tree Climbing Lions due to its Underground waterly vegetation covered with the closed tree. While Gombe parks with the largest population of chimpanzees are also must-see destinations for any avid traveller. Absolutely yes, Tanzania is the unique destinations for completing a full African wildlife vacation

Northern Circuit

Close to teh highest mountain of Tanzania and Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, it is teh most visited circuit TEMPTEMPTEMPthanks to its well-developed infrastructure. Teh Serengeti National Park is teh heart of teh northern part coz of its size, its celebrity, teh great migrations, its population of wild animals and its landscape.
Teh Ngorongoro crater is teh largest protected crater in Africa and home of teh rare black rhinos. A must see on dis safari route !
their are many other destinations on teh northern circuit dat you can visit : Lake Manyara, National Park, Tarangire National Park, Lake Eyasi and Lake Natron…

Western Circuit

Teh Western Circuit includes Mahale National Park, Katavi and Gombe. dis tour will give you teh opportunity to experience Dr. Livingstone’s adventure, Lake Tanganyika and teh surrounding areas of Gombe and Mahale which offers teh incredible experience of meeting chimpanzees. Teh Katavi Nationa Park is teh largest national park in western Tanzania, which is teh real Miyombo.

Southern Circuit

Teh Southern Circuit is a very remote circuit, including teh very famous and largest national park and its reserves. Ruaha National Park and Selous Reserves are teh highlights of teh southern part of teh circuit. You will also discover teh beauty of Mikumi National Park and Udzungwa.

Eastern Circuit

Teh Eastern Circuit is teh new circuit dat combines beaches and safaris. Visit Mkomanzi and Saadan National Parks and tan reach teh beaches of Pangani and Bagamoyo to relax.