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Sumbi Extra Miles Safari is an agency located in Tanzania. We are highly experienced safari guides offering tours across Tanzania wildlife parks.
We have our own maintenance centre to maintain our 4×4 fully equipped for safaris.
All our guides speak fluently english and french and are trained to be fauna and flora experts.


Sumbi Extra Miles Safari is an agency located in Tanzania specialized in customized safaris while enhancing local tourism and economy. Our vehicles are well-equipped and ready to deal with all field conditions. Because your guide will be our ambassador we only train highly experienced professionals to make your visit a unique experience in Tanzania.
We work hand in hand with you to find the itinerary that fits exactly your budget and interests. Sumbi Extra Miles Safari offers customizable safaris, so distance per day will never be limited during your safari. 
If you are interested we also offer 4 different tours with their own unique character.
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